Vive Vio Permana

i’m nOT ANTI SOCIAL, I JUST SHY, so greet me

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Vive Vio Permana

Hai.. World! My Name is Mas Vive Vio Permana.
wait... Which one is me.?? Okay, I give you a clue, Me is a glasses and not really handsome man in the shot. You get me?

I'm Web Developer from Indonesia. I'm part of ID-WebMaster and IdEA(few days ago), and i'm really happy of that. Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and sometime WordPress were my sport. Currently i'm studying in Universitas Mercubuana on Computer Enginering.

Yeaaa... That’s all about how i am. What...!!! I had told you, i’m shy ;) So, if you need more information about me, you should not to be shy to greet me in social media or just send email to me. Seriously, Im really kind person.

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